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Relabelit Solution

Relabelit integrates a classifieds Portal into a Publishers  news website seamlessly with no technical overhead, replacing the need for iFraming or running multiple separate Instances. Watch our video for a brief overview of what Relabelit can do for your Digital Platform.


Users navigate seamlessly between Publisher and Portal. Our Navigation Module handles both mobile and desktop Nav Menus. All Header elements included on both websites! No coding required.

SEO Tools

Manage your page title tags, meta descriptions and control the indexing, rel-canonicalization and link follow rules on your relabelled site. Set up custom sitemap XML files and more!


Publishers can set up and view the Relabelled portal's analytics using their own accounts, while Portals can run a separate set of analytics using their existing accounts. No new accounts are needed.

Display Advertising

Publishers can use the display advertising space available on the Relabelled portal and manage their ad ops using their own Ad Server accounts. Portals can run ads across all their relabelled sites.

Cloud or Data Centre

Relabilt is both a Cloud and an Enterprise software solution allowing you to use either our Relabelit Cloud App or install our Relabelit Enterprise App in your data center.

Unlimited Sites

Relabilit is highly scalable and offers unlimited relabelled sites for its Portal customers. Speak to us about a Relabelit Enterprise App solution for your portal business.

Relabelit Brings Portals and Publishers Together

By providing a Publisher with their Relabeled Portal , the Portal benefits from the traffic on the Publisher's website increasing the total amount of users viewing their listings.
A Publisher benefits by adding a Relabeled Portal to their news website further growing and monetising their audience using the Portals Listings.
We've built a completely new method of integrating Portals into Publishers News Websites. Entire Portals are now able to fully function within a Publishers domain.
Build your own Portal Network by partnering with multiple Publishers in your Market. Publishers can build a network of Relabeled Portals in multiple markets.
We work with Portals and Publishers, understanding both sides of the business. Talk to us about how we can build a Portal Network Strategy for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Relabelit actually work?
    Relabelit is a software application that integrates the front ends of both a classifieds Portal and a Publisher's news content website in a way that allows the user to navigate within the Publisher's domain while interacting with the Portals inventory. The user never leaves the Publisher's domain. All traffic is attributed to the Publisher while all interactions (leads or transactions) are the Portals
  • What about emails sent from the Relabelled portal?
    There are several options available for handling the emails generated by the Relabelled portal. Our Email Relabeler App enables all emails to contain the Publisher's domain while retaining the rest of the Portal's email template styling.  This is the best option to offer your Publisher partner. Alternatively, the Portal can choose not to apply the Email Relabeler Module and have all emails redirect back to the Portal's original domain. This is not encouraged as it reduces the value offered to the Publisher.
  • Is duplicate content a SEO concern?
    Relabelit manages all aspects of SEO for the Relabelled Portal. These include replacing page titles and meta descriptions as well as adding or removing the rel-canonicalization rules where applicable. A Portal can have unlimited amount of Relabelled portals and not worry about duplicate content issues.
  • Is development work required by the Portal or the Publisher?
    There is no development work required by either the Portal who's website is being Relabelled and the Publisher who is being provided with the Relabelled site. Relabelit does the set up of the configuration for the Relabelled Portal and the Portal manages the rest via their Relabelit Dashboard

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